Working With Government Programs

Because Breaking Ground exists to serve communities, we have often worked with programs to be able to build more houses and at better prices.

In the past, this has often meant working government programs, often at the city and county levels, that are able to provide funding, lots for discounted prices, or down-payment assistance to potential homeowners. these programs include the City Lots for Working Families program, IFF loans, FHA 203k Loans and many others.

We often use this experience to help our clients, whether individual homeowners or development corporations, to navigate the complex bureaucracy required to meet the requirements to qualify and access these programs.

If you are looking to utilize a government program, please reach out to us to set up a meeting to discuss whether we might be able to use our expertise to help you navigate the process.

for more information on how we can help with FHA 203k Loans please visit the page dedicated to them under the Homes tab.

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