Breaking Ground exists to build homes of quality and character, both building new homes and rehabilitating old ones. We can use plans we’ve designed and developed over our years of experience or can design based on custom scopes according to what our clients want.

In our cache of pre-existing building plans that clients can choose from we have Single Family Homes and Chicago Style 2-flats that can be built in a variety of styles to match our client’s desires. For more specific information about these homes, visit the Single Family Homes and Chicago Style 2-Flat pages under the Homes menu.

Our plans can be modified if needed.

Breaking Ground also specializes in rehabilitating pre-existing homes and regularly works with architects to create viable plans based on our client’s budget. We also regularly work with structural engineers when necessary and can advise clients on how to approach a home that needs structural work. For more information on rehabilitating homes please visit the Rehabbed Homes page.

Creating Opportunities

At Breaking Ground we pride ourselves on working with local contractors.

Whenever possible we go out of our way to hire skilled tradesmen and women who are from the communities we serve, keeping the money spent by our clients in the communities they come from and building a network of contractors who can build each other up and provide jobs and training to the communities they come from.

We frequently work with anyone skilled in a trade to help establish their business and ensure they are properly licensed and insured, and provide guidance on how to navigate these processes.

For more information on how we work with contractors, please visit our Building Partnerships page.

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