Building Partnerships

Breaking Ground has always made it a priority to build strong partnerships with developers and skilled tradesmen and women. We are always open to new partnerships and opportunities.


At Breaking Ground we often work with skilled tradesmen and women who are working to establish their business. We have lots of experience advising contractors on acquiring the necessary licensing and insurance to work legally, grow their business, and get higher paying jobs both with us and others. We provide this service for free because we believe that it is important to build strong relationships with local contractors and that by doing so we can increase the number of local contractors who are able to do more work better in the neighborhoods they come from.

As a result, more money that is spent stays in local communities and more opportunities and jobs are created for those who live in the neighborhoods they are working in. We believe this benefits everyone, and it is a core part of what Breaking Ground exists to accomplish.

If you would like to work with us to set up or develop your contracting business, please reach out to us to set up a meeting to discuss your goals.


Breaking Ground has often worked with developers, other non-profit organizations, and churches to execute high-impact projects that seek to build many homes for the benefit of local communities.

We have experience navigating the complex banking, logistics, and legal requirements to navigate these projects.

Some of the Development partners we have worked with in the past include:

  • Lawndale Christian Development Corporation
  • Bethel New Life
  • Rebirth of Englewood
  • West Humboldt Park Development Corporation

If you are a developer, non-profit, or church looking to execute this sort of project, please reach out to us to discuss the sort of project you are looking to execute.

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