The D-House

Restored men bringing holistic change to their communities

Our heart and mission here at the Detox house spring from Isaiah 58: “to loose the chains of injustice, to untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free & break every yoke, to share food, shelter and clothes with them.”

This is a rescue mission. Jesus rescued us out of our sins so that we can be ministers of reconciliation, living in the tension of the gap between life and death, awake or sleep, life givers or life takers, image bearers or image chasers. Jesus died for us becoming the bridge to God. He asks us to become bridges so that others can know and experience Him as Savior.

Our story/vision
The D-house is in the heart of North Lawndale, Chicago, IL. The house started in 2005 as a transitional house for men seeking to change their lives and to ultimately have a safe place for Christian discipleship.

The Detox house is a faith-based community for men from all walks of life and focuses on holistic change. The goal is to build men of character and responsibility who then become leaders, carrying a biblical worldview into their communities. To attain this goal, we address the problems of detrimental people, places and things. We truly believe only God can change a man, so at Detox House we seek to partner with God in His work of transformation.

Our hope at the D-House
Communal Housing – If community is at the heart of biblical transformation, then life must be lived in community. A tight knit community addresses things we can’t always see in ourselves. If growth and self-awareness are to become a part of our journey, then fellowship with others must be embraced. As relationships with staff and other community members grow, we believe God will use them to draw men near to Him.

Safe Community – Meeting people where they are and inviting them into a safe place is the beginning of restoration – that’s what the Detox House is about. If we are a reflection of the people we are around, then we need to be around trustworthy men. The Detox House wants to help men live among one another in peace and unity, believing that when men meet Jesus, old patterns of thinking and behavior change.

Experience God/Holistic Change – The communal housing creates an environment where men can experience God. Focusing on holistic change is simply declaring that God can meet the need in every area of one’s life. At Detox House we are committed to the whole person. We address prayer, time in the word, discipleship, manhood, fatherhood, financial literacy, stewardship, time management, and many more life skills.

Restoration through
-Detoxing from detrimental people, places, and things
-Finding true identity
-Building men of character God’s way

Join Us!
The Detox House goal is to raise $10,000/year to sustain the program and cover costs of operations. We offer reduced rent, and a resident’s first 30 days are free, while he looks for a job and gets on his feet. We believe a man must build responsibility for his life. Paying for rent and basic needs is one way to take ownership of one’s life.

We invite you to join our D-House team in bringing holistic change, to come alongside men detoxing from the old way of life and building a new life in Christ.

To donate:
• Mail a check made out to “Breaking Ground” to:
Breaking Ground
3501 W Fillmore St.
Chicago, IL 60624


• Donate now via our on-line form

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