Breaking Ground Staffing

Breaking Ground Staffing (BGS) will be our newest social enterprise.

Breaking Ground Staffing will be an Alternative Staffing Organization that provides temporary and permanent employment for those enrolled in or having completed the educational programs of Breaking Ground.

Temporary employment allows our participates to earn the much needed income it requires to invest in getting the skills they need to find the right permanent fit for their future career. BGS provides employers with highly motivated individuals who are committed to working hard and succeeding in the workforce. This also provides an employer the “try it before you buy it” option as well as helps them avoid potential payroll and healthcare liabilities for short-term labor needs.

We also maintain a growing database and partner network that offers employers qualified candidates for entry level and skilled employees. Employers who permanently hire veterans, ex-offenders, or welfare recipients onto their own payroll are entitled to Federal and State tax incentives often amounting to $2,400-$5,600 per employee after just 400 hours worked. The State of Illinois also offers free bonding insurance to employers to encourage giving employment opportunities to those who might otherwise be considered higher risk. The best part is that BGS will do all of this paperwork for our Clients for qualified placements and just hand them the completed forms to sign and apply against their tax liabilities!

Please contact T.J. at 708.937.2010 for more information or click here to submit an online Job Order for Staffing help.


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