Public Records Disclosure

Breaking Ground, Inc. is a 501(c) tax-exempt non-profit corporation. According to the public disclosure requirements under sections 6104(d) and (e) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended by the Tax and Trade Relief Extension Act of 1998, certain documents pertaining to an organization’s tax-exempt status and financial status must be available to the public.

Where Can I Find Them?

In accordance with these laws, the Breaking Ground, Inc. documents covered under these regulations are available in the following ways:

  • Available for public inspection at the corporate office during normal business hours, free of charge. As stated by these regulations, a company representative will remain in the room while a member of the public views these records. Please note, due to personnel and budget limits, copies cannot be made the same business day a member of the public requests to view these records.
  • Through written request. Please note, charges for copies and postage will apply for all written requests. Some documents may change year to year, thus the number of pages and cost can fluctuate. Payment may be made via cash, money order, or certified check. Personal checks will not be accepted. To expedite your request, please call to get an estimate for the total cost of your requested items so you can remit your full payment with the request form. Copies will not be provided until your payment is made in full. If your request is denied, your payment will be refunded. Please submit your request form and payment to: Breaking Ground, Inc., 3501 W Fillmore St, Chicago, IL 60624
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