Breaking Ground believes that one of the most impactful things that can be done to serve a community is to increase the number of residents in that community that own their homes. As such, Breaking Ground builds homes at a price that allow residents of a community to own their homes when they were previously forced to rent.

To accomplish this, the homes we build are long lasting homes that are designed and built with to provide the highest value to the homeowner over the lifetime of the home. We prioritize designs that are practical and thoroughly thought through to minimize the amount of maintenance they will require, saving the homeowner money and frustration over the long term, while also providing a sound financial investment and, of course, space to live comfortably and safely.

Breaking Ground also believes, however, that the goal of providing value to communities through home-ownership is futile if it only leads to gentrification of those communities. Breaking Ground prioritizes as much as possible the building of homes for pre-existing residents of a community.

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