APL Teaching Factory

Celebrating a decade of transforming lives!

The APL Teaching Factory increases quality employment opportunities for Lawndale and GarfieldPark community residents through education, encouragement and employment training and placement.

The APL Teaching Factory offers Open Enrollment: Adults can choose to enter various educational classes at any time during the year.

The APL Teaching Factory offers a comprehensive array of support services including:

  • Four week job readiness and educational course
  • Math skills improvement
  • Reading comprehension
  • Teaching basic computer skills
  • Career counseling
  • One-on-one case management as needed
  • Post-placement services.

What we do

Education and supportive services

Participants commit to a schedule of four days a week for six weeks, with classes offered from 8:00 am-12:00 pm and 12:30 pm-4:30 pm. The day begins promptly with an inspirational devotional and includes a challenging integrated learning curriculum tailored to the needs of each individual.

Personalized case management and linkages with community partners ensure that participants receive the supportive services they need to thrive in the classroom and workforce. Graduates who complete the program are prepared for the entrance examinations given at companies and community college vocational programs.

Job readiness and employment

The APL Teaching Factory provides community residents with state of the art technology, tools and information enabling them to conduct comprehensive employment searches using computers and Internet access, as well as access to fax and photocopying machines.

APL Teaching Factory participants also receive personalized instruction from skilled and knowledgeable instructors, job placement specialists, and case managers for customized assistance and guidance at every stage of their educational pursuit and job search. Financial literacy and basic computer/resume workshops supplement and support the APL Teaching Factory’s regular activities.

Who can participate

The APL Teaching Factory is open to all community residents whether they are recent ex-offenders re-entering the community, adults struggling through a period of employment or underemployment with little or no work experience. In 2010 we registered 628 adults for classes.

“Most of our students come to us because they are ready to make changes in their lives – they are looking for help and for hope, and we provide the support and opportunities they need to be a success in the classroom, on the job, and ultimately in their homes and communities.” -Breaking Ground Staff

Commitment to partnerships

One of the APL Teaching Factory’s greatest strengths is its commitment to partnerships. Collaboration between students, teachers, employers, volunteers, donors and strong referral networks are key to the program’s success.

Early efforts to engage local jails, parole officers, social service agencies, and community colleges have meant more community residents know the TF is available for them. “Word of mouth is one of our primary referral sources,” Harris states.

Support us!

Generously supported through contributions from individuals, foundations, and congregations, increased funding is critical to the APL Teaching Factory’s sustainability. As the number of graduates grows, the APL Teaching Factory hopes to offer more comprehensive post-employment follow up to ensure long-term success in the workforce.

Please visit our Donations page to make an online investment in the APL Teaching Factory and its participants.

Help us transform lives!

The APL Teaching Factory is currently seeking volunteers to:

  • Serve as academic tutors in the areas of life skills development, adult literacy and/or math
  • Conducting workshops and seminars in areas such as:
    • resume development
    • successful interviewing
    • on the job protocol
    • health care/nutrition
    • parenting skills
  • Additionally, mock interviewers are always needed.
  • Mentors- staying in frequent contact and delivering positive encouragement

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Angela Reeves at areeves@breakingground.net.

Our early establishing partners

  • House of Prayer
  • World Vision
Lawndale Business and 
Local Development Corp.
Mt. Sinai Community Institute
  • Lawndale Christian Development Corporation
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